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Seniors Day Centre


Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) has a Seniors Day Centre allowing senior residents to spend whole day with their friends and the professional nursing team.


MSAC also organises a Social Support Group for senior Chinese residents to help them reduce culture and language barriers. 


Every Monday, Wednesdays
10:00 am - 03:00 pm


  • Providing a homely environment; 

  • Allowing the senior community to learn health care knowledge and welfare system in Australia;

  • Helping elderly to nurture their interests;

  • Orgnising a platform that enables senior residents to socialise with others;

  • Helping senior people with improving their health and memory by games and exercise; and

  • Sharing Chinese culture and Chinese meals


  •  Social Networking

  •  Arts and Crafts

  •  Musical Activities

  •  Games and activities 

  •  Various Outings

  •  Cultural Meals

For more information, please contact the head office on 03 8812 2661.

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