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Community Services

Whilst working with the Senior Community, we found that many Senior Individuals were not active within the Community and would often stay within their homes for long periods of time. They did not have a connection with the Community hence were at risk of depression and senior isolation. Also, due to the language barriers that they face, they often do not know about the care that is available for them as well as where to obtain this assistance from.

Therefore, we created two Community Services Programs:

LaoLaiLe (老來樂) Chinese Senior Activity Centre


Planned Activity Group Program

Our aim for this Chinese Senior Community Services Programs is to plan various activities


every week to give them the opportunity to make friends and have fun. We hope that this group


encourages them to come our of their homes and connect more actively within their local community and


helps them to overcome the homesickness and any misunderstandings caused by culture and language



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