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Chinese Planned Activity Group


Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre has a “planned activity group” for Chinese elders.

Fifteen to twenty elders participate every week. In order to reduce the pressure of care and to enrich the daily lives of elders.


Our professional activity coordinator, under the planned arrangement and planning, enables the elders to actively participate in various activities in a collective atmosphere, communicate with each other, interact and love each other, eat, drink and play, and spend every happy time in the centre.



CLASS 1, EVERY WEDNESDAY 10:00 am – 15:00 pm

CLASS 2, EVERY MONDAY 10:00 am - 15:00 pm


  • Professional activity coordinator

  • Provision of nutritious food

  • Personal Care

  • Response from registered nurse

  • Colourful activities

  • Guidelines for health professionals

  • Developed care plan


  •  Social Networking

  •  Arts and Crafts

  •  Musical Activities

  •  Games and activities 

  •  Various Outings

  •  Cultural Meals

  •  Sport Carnival


  •  Hair and beauty - Centre provides hairdressing service

  •  Rehabilitation ServicesPhysical therapy, Functional training, Remedial massage, Foot massage and bath

  •  Personal Care and Nursing CareShowing; dressing; toileting; combing and all nursing care support

For more information, please contact the head office on 03 8812 2661.


If you would like to join our PAG group or refer a client to us,

please fill in the attached PDF application form.

The completed application form can be submitted to us via email, post or fax.

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