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About US

Melbourne Seniors Activity Centre (MSAC) promotes volunteer projects to benefit the welfare of the senior community.​MSAC wishes through our program more seniors will no longer feel lonely and helpless in Australia. They can come to our centre to attend activities, make friends and know more about the welfare and resources that Australian government provides. Hope they can be more integrated in the Australia society and have an active and positive aging life!

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our purposes

our purposes

Our projects benefit Chinese background Senior Community.

Our purpose is to promote unity, good health and senior independence through our many volunteer projects

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Patient and Nurse

To support and help the elderly live longer and live better;

To promote community connections and to encourage social activities

within the Community, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Homes;

To help and assist the seniors in their daily life - in particular, those facing barriers including language, cultural and financial barriers;

To create physical places and gather the elderly in groups (especially the Chinese Aged / Social Groups) to participate in varieties of activities;

Wholeheartedly love and care for the senior and disabled community;

 Provide job opportunities for caring volunteers, care staffs, activity coordinators and all other health care professionals;

Organise interesting activities to bring the elderly together and communicate with each other;

Provide consultation and services with various health experts, such as: physical therapist, functional exercise therapist; speech functional therapist;


Provide a respite service;

Maintain the interests and hobbies of the elderly. Stay youthful;


Prevention of chronic diseases, including senile dementia;

diabetes; senile depression and more;

How it Works

Why Join Us?

Activity Centre Membership

Our aim is to draw senior citizens together to share the multi-culture, different language and any other social or professional skills in order to improve inter-communion with the community and the social life.

We can assist with the following services:

  • Provision of information for new Migrant elderly into Australia;

  • To get together to have some healthy and fun activities with peer group people;

  • To know all kinds of friends and groups of seniors activities;

  • To have a happy life and a happy place to go to weekly;

  • To receive free advice for elderly for their health issues;

  • To support elderly with a smooth transition into the Health Care, Aged care system;

  • Provision of various opportunities to allow you to receive with varieties of free services and advice in aged care.

Volunteer Opportunities
Student Internship
Other Job Opportunities 

If you have passion for taking care of the elderly and learning health and human services related policies, you are welcomed to join us. We need more new talent like you to provide comprehensive and attentive services and care.

After joining us, you can:Get more working experience.Have more idea about the aged care policy and the aging life in Australia.Share the joy of taking care of seniors with us.Receive a certificate and reference letter to improve your resume.

Contact Us


96-106 Springvale Road,

Nunawading, VIC 3131

Nunawading Community Hub


(03) 8812 2661

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