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2018-03-20 Legal Education at Ashburton Senior Centre


由於國情的不同,很多人在澳洲仍然對持久授權書缺乏了解,有些人向來避免談論患病,身後事等等“不吉利”的問題,從而不正視“持久授權”。在2018年3月20日星期二,我們澳大利亞華人護士協會在永樂長者中心(Ashburton Senior Centre)舉行講課,把相關的法律知識帶到了他們的社區當中。


老人們講解 “持久授權書的作用” “持久授權書的製作” 以及 “持久授權書和遺囑的區別”


What if one day we lose our capacity to make decisions, who is going to look after our affairs?

Due to different contexts in different countries, many people know little about the importance of having enduring power of attorney (EPOA). Some people think speaking about illnesses and matters after death is a taboo so that they never take EPOA seriously. Our legal presentation reached Ashburton Senior Centre on the 20 March 2018 and provided attendants valuable information about EPOA.

The legal presentation included “the importance of EPOA” “how to make a EPOA” and “the differences between EPOA and will”. All the attendants were attentive and we had a good discussion about EPOA. Many attendants expressed their concerns regarding the family conflicts caused by the absence of EPOA. They also asked questions about how to make EPOA. If we can prepare an EPOA when we still have capacity to make our own decisions, our family members are able to make the right choice for us. We hope our presentation can give the seniors insight into EPOA and help them plan ahead. An EPOA is not a document to be left for when you ‘are older’.

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