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2017-10-06 - HCP at LLL Chinese Senior Centre

On Friday, 6 October 2017, LaoLaiLe Chinese Senior Group had their first gathering. The group welcomed seniors from the community to give them social support, networking opportunities, a chance to cultivate interest and build their health care knowledge.

Even though LaoLaiLe had just opened - a lot of activities were planned. This together with

a convenient meeting time/place and the senior’s close relationship with Chinese Nurse Association Australia made this a group that they all looked forward to contribute and take part in.

Senior individuals eagerly enrolled leading to our association been curious about the future development of this group. We hope this group is a method to encourage seniors to actively contribute to the community and focus on their interest and health. Furthermore, they are many social groups set up to target all interest groups including chess/checkers, dancing, singing, tai chi, opera, calligraphy, mahjong and tea lovers group. The seniors are encouraged to take part in the group that is of interest to them and use this group as a source of joy.

In addition, in order to let the senior community have a good understanding of the care that is available for their futures, we educated them further on the Government’s Home Care Subsidy and the different type of services that are available.

If you need assistance with your future health care or would like some more information about this social group, please contact us for more detailed information on (03) 8812 2661 or








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