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2017-08-04 - HCP at Western Chinese Friendship Association

Thank you to the president of Western Chinese Friendship Association, Mr. Lu, and his member, Mrs. Zhang for their invitation and warm welcome to allow Chinese Nurse Association Australia to come and share on the topic of Home Care Packages with their fifty senior members on Friday, 4 August 2017. During the talk, our professional lecturer, Mrs. Faye, introduced the advantages of Home Care Packages and the application process. Thanks to Mr. Lu’s support, every member quietly and wholeheartedly listened to the talk.

After the meeting, there were many senior attendants coming forward to understand more about the services of the program and other welfare. They also eagerly obtained our internal assessment forms to ask us for assistance to apply for Home Care Packages.

If you are part of an association that is interested in working together with us to bring more benefits to the senior community or you believe these talks will be beneficial to your group, please contact us on (03) 8812 2661 or email us to For more information about volunteer program, please feel free to contact us or refer to our Nurse Lectures Page.



如果對於安排社區講課有興趣,或是想諮詢更多有關“綜合家庭護理服務”,及澳大利亞華人護士協會的其他義工服務,歡迎關注我們的微信,或撥打至 03 8812 2661 ,您也可以發送電子郵件到,我們會盡快與您取得聯繫。

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