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2017-07-13 - Nutrition Lecture at ADEC Chinese Mental Health South Group

On 13 July 2017, our volunteer nutrition lecturer, Jois began her first lecture at ADEC Community Centre to assist the Chinese Nurse Association with bringing nutritional knowledge to the Mt Waverley Community. She provided information about healthy eating and how to meet the daily recommended nutritional intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

During the course of this lecture, the group sat in a circle and felt close to each other allowing them to open up and ask questions to resolve their doubts and establish a warm atmosphere.

在2017年7月13日,我們的志工營養學講師Jois開始她第一場在ADEC社區中心的講課,協助澳洲華人護理協會把營養學的知識帶進Mt. Waverley 的社區中,教導參加的會員們如何吃得健康,並達到每日建議攝取的營養素標準,維持健康的生活。


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