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2017-06-06 - Pain Management Talk at Joyful Senior Centre

Since our last Senior Education Talk with Joyful Senior Centre back in February, Chinese Nurse Association Australia finally had another chance to connect with Joyful Senior Centre.

Through this talk, we were able to educate the attendants on natural methods to monitor and maintain pain.

In addition, we found that after 3 months, those that hesitated to apply for assistance to apply for integrated Home Care Packages begun to show more interest and ask more questions about the program and enquired about us lodging the referral to My Aged Care for them.

It is comforting to see that more and more senior individuals are considering options to ensure that they have quality of life and we are honoured to be there to support them all the way.

自從上一次於2月21日在Box Hill 的喜樂長者中心舉辦法律權利講座後,我們澳洲華人護理協會終於再次與該組織合作,於今日6月6日為該中心的會員舉辦疼痛管理的講課。教導在場的眾多華人長者們,如何使用藥物及其他非藥物的方式來控制疼痛。



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