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2017-06-04 - Home and Community Care Talk at Holy Trinity Doncaster

Chinese Nurse Association Australia is excited to have this valuable chance to connect with the Chinese congregation at Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster for the first time on Sunday 04 June 2017.

After their morning church gathering, the senior members stayed behind waiting for our volunteer Registered Nurse in eager anticipation.

The topic of “Government Funded Home Care Packages” is a popular and appealing topic for the senior community and through this topic; we have had the chance to connect with many new organisations for the first time.

Through the promotion of this lecture topic, we have met with many senior individuals that long to continue living within their own homes. Many of these individuals require assistance to age well but are unaware that such a significant program is in place to support them.

When they hear about this topic, they are all surprised and eager for us to assist with referring them to an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) team. They feel touched that we have this program in place to educate and support them.

We hope for many more opportunities to connect with Holy Trinity Church in Doncaster again in the future.

If you are in touch with the senior community and are interested in having our talks presented at your gatherings, please contact us on (03) 8812 2661 or email to to organise.



我們期望未來還有更多的機會可以與聖公會再次合作。如果您正在參與社區活動,並且有興趣將我們的講課帶進貴中心,請隨時與我們聯絡,您可以撥打(03) 8812 2661,或是寄信給我們,表達您對於我們的講課項目的興趣。

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