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2017-05-12 - HCP at Eastern Kew Centre

Today, Chinese Nurse Association Australia’s Volunteer Registered Nurse came to Eastern Kew House to bring information on Home Care Packages and service policies to nearly 60 senior attendants.

The enthusiasm of the attendants touched our speaker’s heart and opened her eyes. The speaker conveyed Home Care Package related information and wanted to assist the senior community with obtaining the Federal Government’s Comprehensive assessment by the ACAS team. On the day, Chinese Nurse Association Australia assisted with completing their initial health assessment form to further understand their care needs and to refer them for further assessment. When the attendants found out that we could provide this type of assistance, they scrambled to raise their hands and came up on the stage to pick up the forms. The speaker said the initially prepared 30 applications forms were immediately taken away.

Their positive attitudes and the unfamiliarity regarding this valuable topic have made us more determined to promote further on ‘Home Care Packages’.

We also welcome more community groups to connect with us to allow us to bring this information to more seniors living within the Community

今天澳洲華人護理協會的註冊護士來到 Eastern Kew House ,為參與的近60位的年長者們帶來綜合居家服務政策的好消息。


他們積極的態度,和對於這項寶貴政策的陌生,都讓我們更確定宣傳綜合家庭護理服務政策是多麼的急迫。也歡迎更多的社群團體跟我們合作, 一起將更多的提升長者生活的資訊帶進社區中。可以到我們的網站 , 更清楚的了解我們義工計劃和活動項目。

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