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2017-05-11 - Pain Management Talk at ADEC Werribee

“How to deal with and manage pain” is one of the main concerns for every individual as we age. Due to the natural ageing of the body, we are faced with many joint aches and organ issues. The increase in these issues will lead to increase in discomfort and mobility. There will come a time when we can no longer hide or ignore these symptoms hence we need more information to inform us of the best way to handle and deal with these pains.

Chinese Nurse Association Australia is pleased to connect with ADEC Werribee again to help the Chinese Seniors understand more about health issues. We hope this information will assist with contributing to a healthy life.

During the course of this lecture, our professional Registered Nurse taught the attendants about the use of natural and non-natural ways to deal with pain. They discussed about various methods to reduce pain symptoms giving the seniors more peace of mind when it comes to this concern.


感謝ADEC的Werribee小組的支持,我們也誠心期望在2017年下半年度,能與該中心有更多的合作。如果各華人社區中心有關於健康議題講課的需求,也歡迎與澳洲華人護理協會聯繫,我們有一系列的主題可以幫助貴中心的長者們提升他們的生活品質及滿意度,詳細資訊可以參考我們的Community Health Learning Program

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