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2017-04-07&13 - Home and Community Care Talk at ADEC Social Groups

On the 07th and 13th of April 2017, Chinese Nurse Association Australia introduced our Home and Community Care Talk to the ADEC Social Groups in both Northern and Southern Metropolitan Melbourne.

This session was an eye-opener to the attendants as not many were aware that they are able to obtain this type of assistance to remain within their homes.

The session was well received as we continue to maintain our close relationship with all ADEC groups. We share the same aim in supporting the Chinese Senior Community and hope we have many similar opportunities to connect with them again in the near future.

2017年4月7 & 13號 - 居家護理服務講座在ADEC 社區中心

分別在今年的4月7日跟13日, 澳洲華人護理協會前往位於北區及南區的ADEC社區中心, 為他們的會員們提供綜合居家護理服務的信息。這次的講座大大的對了我們年長觀眾的胃口, 因為他們大部分都不知道聯邦政府有這樣的政策在支持他們的居家生活。

這次的活動幫助我們繼續維持與ADEC社區中心的緊密關係, 我們也期望未來有更多類似的機會可以再跟他們合作。

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